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Step 1:

Remove worn tip by using a torch or air arc gouger to cut the weld taking care not to cut into the holder. Grind the remainder of the weld off the knife holder.

Step 2:

Tack weld the new tips onto the holders. Take care to align the tips at the correct angle.

Step 3:

Preheat the tips to 300° – 400° F. Confirm this temperature using a heat crayon or 1/16 inch 50/50 solder will also melt at this temperature. Set it up so you have a couple of knives preheating while you are welding one.

Step 4:

Weld the tips using 7018 rod or equivalent mig wire. As soon as you are finished welding each knife place it in a steel container and cover with fiberglass insulation so they cool gradually to shop temperature.

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