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Can Tillage Fit into a No-Till System?

A large majority of farmers in Western Canada have adopted zero-till systems — with the exception of those in the Red River Valley who are dealing with heavy, wet clay soils where tillage is just a fact of life. Most farmers understand the many benefits of zero till, such as prevention of soil erosion, better moisture retention and improved soil structure and soil organic matter content.

But tillage has been suggested as a partial solution to some disease issues and management of some weed species.


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Tillage Recruited to Deal With Excess Moisture Issues

Necessity is the mother of invention, but weather appears to be the mother of necessity, these days. That seems to fit as producers talk about the need for tillage in this October Farmer Panel.

Zero-till and direct seeding are still foremost on producers’ minds when they look at overall cropping practices, but with several or frequent growing seasons with often excessive moisture, getting some type of tillage tool on the land to open the soil and deal with heavy residue, presents as a practical management option.


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116 bushel/acre Canola Crop in Sask

The winner of DuPont Pioneer’s 2015 Yield Challenge Contest harvested a whopper of a canola crop that weighed in at 116 bushels per acre using BTT openers.

Florian Hagmann, who farms about 16,000 acres near Birch Hills, Sask., won the challenge for the third time in four years with his non-irrigated 148 acre field of Pioneer 45H33 canola.

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