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All of our replaceable tips are made in North America, giving you the superior wear resistance you have come to expect from us. They are cast by Leth Iron in Lethbridge, Canada using only the best materials available, so we can offer you the highest quality tips on the market. All carbide inserts used on our tips are North American made and attached in-house ensuring the highest standards of quality are met.

3-1/2” (88.9 mm) paired row liquid double shoot tip with no vertical seed/fertilizer separation. Used for seeding only. Fits Versatile Opener System.

Also used as a single shoot paired row tip on the John Deere Seed Holder 650-HLD-1010 and Seed Hawk holder 686-KNH-1000.

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4” (101.6 mm) paired row liquid and granular double shoot tip. Seed and fertilizer are deposited on the same level.

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4” (101.6 mm) paired row liquid, granular, and anhydrous tip with horizontal and vertical seed/fertilizer separation.Used for seeding only. Fits Versatile Opener System.

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This bolt and nut combination is used to secure tips with product numbers beggining in 200, 610, 612 & 614. It is important not to over tighten the bolt when installing the tips. The bolt has a strip of thread lock applied to the threads, so it needs only to be turned in by hand until the shoulder of the bolt makes contact with the nut.

The nut, 200-NUT-3101, and bolt, 200-BLT-3102, can be ordered separately.

Over torquing with a power drill will result in difficulty when removing. Recommended to torque to 84 in/lbs or 7 ft/lbs.